• Nemo Line
    Our design is oriented toward a search for a simplified and graphically pure shape. Cutlery is restrained and fits in with the concepts of cuisine that is contemporary, fresh and creative. The broad flat area on the handles enables getting a firm grip on the cutlery.


  • Togo Line
    Our aim here was to imagine the design of playful and timeless line. The energetic flowing curves of the tableware suggest a cuisine that is eclectic, living and without frontiers. Elongated handles on the cutlery provide comfortable, easy use.


  • Ion Plating is a highly specialized environment friendly vacuum coating process which is base on the technology of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). The process produces of metallic vapor that is highly ionized, condensed and adhere to the metal substrate in vacuum chamber to produce high quality coatings.This process permits the formation of highly adherent film that make it coated product more durable, wear resistant and also has a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods.WNK are proud of presenting three new finishes using this technology, which are:
    - Black Titanium
    - Ritz Blue
    - Copper Rose